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Top Free CRM Software for All Kind of Businesses in 2021

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If you think of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as software whose purpose is to manage the relationship between customers and a company then you might be wrong. The modern age CRM software has a lot more to offer and the best part is you can get many of these for free. In this article, we are going to explain some of the top-notch free CRM solutions that have been revamping many small as well as big organizations. Make sure to read the blog thoroughly, otherwise, you may miss out on crucial information.

Free CRM Software

Before showing you the essential features of CRM software, we want to debug a myth for you i.e. No CRM software is perfect software. There will always be some kind of inconsistencies. CRM vendors don’t provide all advanced features in their free version, however, we have managed to put together some great software. As per our research, the below-mentioned feature should be an integral part of free CRM.

Characteristics of Preeminent Free CRM Software

Easy to Use: The CRM software that you opt for should be easy to use with a significantly small learning curve. The purpose of opting for a free version of CRM is to limit the capital expenditure and you don’t want to contradict it with the CRM training fee.

Scalability and Customizable: Most of the free-of-cost CRM are not designed by keeping a particular business in mind. Therefore, the CRM should be capable of customization and also able to scale with the business it grows in the future.

Integration with other Applications: Clearly, CRM is not the only software used by an organization. It also has different applications like marketing automation, eCommerce, etc. That’s why seamless integration between CRM and other business applications is very important.

3 Free CRM to look out for in 2021

1: SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is open-source software and hence free to use. One of the best things about this is it’s highly customizable and scalable as well. It is used in diverse industries like Real Estate, Healthcare, Call Center, etc. Apart from this, there are a bunch of SuiteCRM extensions available designed to ease your business operations.

    Benefits of SuiteCRM

  • Highly Customizable

  • Easy to use and low learning curve

  • Compatible with all kinds of industries

  • It can easily integrate with some most used applications like Mailchimp, Google Sign In, DocuSign, etc.

  • A plethora of extensions available on the internet like Email to Lead, BCC Archive, etc.

2: HubSpot

HubSpot is a renowned name in the fields like Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. It’s not a big surprise that HubSpot is dominating the market of free CRM software as well. It has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are a Sales Leader, Customer Service Team, Operation Manager, or even a business owner. You’ll eventually get what you need.

Benefits of Free HubSpot CRM

  • Pipeline Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Live chat and chatbots

  • Dashboard

  • Company insights

One of the major drawbacks is its inability to integrate with other third-party applications. This at some level counter the idea of CRM software i.e. centralization of data.

3: Odoo

Odoo is another open-source CRM software on the list. The highlight to look for is its modular design that allows the users to try and test different features. From the sales perspective, Odoo is one of the best available in the market. Its immense features like inventory management, email marketing, etc are outstanding.

Benefits of Odoo CRM

  • Accurate Forecasting

  • Scheduled Activities

  • Open source Odoo community with more than 10,000 applications.

  • Reporting, Opportunities Management, Lead Generation, etc.

However, the learning curve of this software is quite complex compared to other CRM solutions. You may even need to hire CRM consultants or trainers for this purpose. Also, setting up the software is not easy.
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