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Top Invaluable benefits of SuiteCRM Theme that you don’t know

SuiteCRM Theme

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Can you make your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) more interesting? We are sure that it also will be on your list to make the CRM layout more interesting for your work. Apart from focusing on work, just have a look at your CRM layout. There is a need to bring changes to make it effective so that it looks better. If this is also your goal then you landed in the right place because we are introducing a rich plugin for you called SuiteCRM Theme.

SuiteCRM Theme

Industries that can use theme SuiteCRM in their work

Outright Store introduced this remarkable add-on for your work. This CRM theme extension helps you to choose plenty of Fonts and Themes and it has more such big advantages. The key role of this add-on is to make your CRM layout more interesting that you need.

We will discuss its functions later on, but first let us inform you that it is best for the businesses such as Real-estate, Sales organization, the Marketing sector, the Banking industry, etc. Every organization has different-different ideas to make their CRM more creative. They can choose an enormous of fonts, colors, and themes according to their choice. Thanks to SuiteCRM Theme extension for helping you in this process.

Key functions of CRM theme that you should know

This is the gist of this blog as we understood above the main idea behind introducing SuiteCRM Theme. Outright Store has shared some of the essential features of it. Are you geared up to read the functions of the theme SuiteCRM plugin? Have a look at the points given below-

  • No user is restricted to a particular theme. You can choose whichever according to you will be the best one for your CRM layout or other purposes. 
  • Any user can modify the button, links, etc. in their CRM system. This is an advanced feature of the CRM theme add-on.
  • Now users will see different fonts on Header and Body. 
  • When you bring changes via the Theme plugin and upgrade your CRM, data will not be removed. It will remain safe.
  • There is no need to hire any designer. You can do the entire process by yourself. 
  • The theme SuiteCRM plugin enables you to boost up your business productivity. 
  • You can easily change the color of list view, detail view, and edit view. 
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